youve got beautiful eyes
(Design, Limited Editions, Multiples)


'Art is art-as art,
and everything else
is everything else'

Ad Reinhardt


Youve got beautiful eyes, limited editions, multiples, intervention, site-responsive, design, artist-led


watershed media centre

carrier bag production

spike island studios



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an ongoing series of limited editions, multiples, interventions

youve got beautiful eyes edition no 3: carrier bags
Open Studios, Spike Island, Bristol.
30th Apr 2005 - 2nd May 2005

Spike Island houses over 100 artists and the Open Studios is a major event in Bristols cultural calendar. Each year Spike Island report an increase in attendance figures, in 2004 reaching 9,000.

The majority of work on display is studio based and the Open provides an annual marketing opportunity for resident artists.



interfaces of location and memory