youve got beautiful eyes
(Design, Limited Editions, Multiples)


'Art is art-as art,
and everything else
is everything else'

Ad Reinhardt


Youve got beautiful eyes, limited editions, multiples, intervention, site-responsive, design, artist-led


watershed media centre

carrier bag production

spike island studios



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an ongoing series of editions / multiples / interventions

a play between simple poetics & optical glare for an 'advert' in Five magazine curated by Gavin Turk: The Labyrinth of the Gaze
limited edition publication Feb 2004.

FIVE is a multi-format publication produced in limited editions. Each issue is hand-numbered and presented as a collector's item.

Guest creative directors/curators work in collaboration with FIVE to explore their personal interpretation of a theme and format, presenting a new vision with each edition.

FIVE is distributed in galleries and bookshops throughout the UK and internationally.



interfaces of location and memory