your heart on my sleeve



your heart on my sleeve, locative, responsive technologies, visualisation of data, wearables, sensor-led, embroidery, electro-luminescent, participatory, tactile, interactive, circuitry


Bristol Univ.wearables group

the mobile audience



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An exploration of tactile, aesthetic & emotive computing in the public domain

Exhibited at SIGGRAPH 2004 Cyberfashion Show,
Los Angeles, California USA

artist: Annie Lovejoy
technology: Cliff Randell (Univ. of Bristol Wearables Group)

Another persons' heart rate becomes visually illuminated within a highly tactile & crafted design. Via a Polar heart rate monitor, pulsating data is wirelessly communicated to the decorative sleeve.

This aesthetic visualisation of responsive data extends beyond the user/wearer (one to one connection) into the wider public domain.

The technical design is based on the Bristol Cyberjacket
which can sense location, activity and the well being of the user, as well as connecting with other users and the Internet.


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your heart on my sleeve

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 The Mobile Audience
Art and New Located Technologies of the Screen
Author/Editor: Martin Rieser


interfaces of location and memory