where r u?
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where r u?
"at my little laptop tip tapping, I dont stop"
where wld u lik 2 b?
"in another country where people still whistle"

Robin Blackledge


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here nor there




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'here nor there' project for Dialogue, Bristol, UK

where r u? postcard

site-specific ferry boat trip, performance event and participatory online project co-ordinated by here nor there collaborators:

Natalie Deseke,
Mac Dunlop,
Neil Jenkins,
Annie Lovejoy
Roger Mills

full project details here

"All around the world, the mobile has become associated with a handful of phrases which recur like samples in a global dance track. These include 'on my way', 'on the bus', 'on the train', and other answers to a question which is now so common that it has come to define the mobile age: where r u? "

on the mobile- 'the effects of mobile telephones on social & individual life'> Dr Sadie Plant for Motorola 2001


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interfaces of location and memory