the moving finger writes... library foyer glazing
(Design, Public Art)


'the moving finger writes and having writ moves on'

The Rubaiyat: Omar Khayyam


the moving finger writes... library foyer glazing, public art, site-responsive, InSites, architectural glass, photographic, image text, design, language, braille, BSL


the University of Withywood

image production

Bedminster Library

Mac Dunlop



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the drawings of local historian Anton Bantock

The photographic panels above the exit glazing include drawings supplied by Anton Bantock, a local Historian & archivist.

On retiring from teaching in a secondary school Anton founded the University of Withywood in 1987, which operates from his one - bedroomed bungalow.

Anton is an incorrigable traveller, rummager & hoarder, and has an endless repertoire of talks, enthusiasms and tales from local history. Anton is also a skilled artist & has produced hundreds of drawings of local scenes which are used to raise money for the University?s sponsorship fund. The University organizes special events, exhibitions, sales and book publications to raise money for the educational sponsorship of young people in developing countries.

The University organizes three ten-week terms of activities: discussions, slide shows; talks; conversational French, German and Russian; poetry appreciation; music; drama - anything in fact that will generate talking, and also, in the summer walking - both activities sadly neglected in modern society.



interfaces of location and memory