the moving finger writes... library foyer glazing
(Design, Public Art)


'the moving finger writes and having writ moves on'

The Rubaiyat: Omar Khayyam


the moving finger writes... library foyer glazing, public art, site-responsive, InSites, architectural glass, photographic, image text, design, language, braille, BSL


the University of Withywood

image production

Bedminster Library

Mac Dunlop



Creative Commons License


sample texts:

from top down:

In Urdu: an excerpt from Baal - e - Jibraeel
The Call of Gabriel by Iqbal

?Discover in this world, don?t wait for the next?
(chosen & translated by Munawar Hussein)

In Chinese:
the poet Tu Fu (chosen & translated by Amy Read)


North of me, south of me, spring is in flood,

Day after day I have only seen gull...
My path is full of petals - I have swept it for no others.

My thatch gate has been closed - but opens now for you.

It's a long way to the market, I can offer you little -

Yet here in my cottage, there is old wine for our cups,

Shall we summon our elderly neighbour to join us,

Call him through the fence, and pour the jar dry?

The word 'lbrary' spans the glass frontage and is also represented in finger spelling (British Sign Language).



interfaces of location and memory