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international lighthouse day

helwick painting by Michael Lees



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3 boat trips up the River Tawe (29.9.2002)
culminating in a performance by Nia Jenkins

'The boat floats upstream passing riverbanks which really are green, kingfishers and herons flying above. Along the route however, the scars of industry are still clearly visible, as are the scars of our own era ? plastic bottles, trolley skeletons, the rusted shells of burnt-out cars.

Our journey pauses for thought alongside the deserted Vivian & Son?s engine shed where harpist Nia Jenkins dressed in glittering blue serenades us from the riverbank.

Tawe boat trip

Tawe boat trip (3.0MB)

..and performance

We survey the Romantic scene; simultaneously soaking in the very present beauty of the harp music, the valley?s industrial past, its restoration and reflecting on the city?s future we have yet to create.? Emma Safe. ?Longshore Drift?
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interfaces of location and memory