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'River Tawe' video display 7- 29 September 2002
26 Castle St. Swansea - projection
Swansea Maritime Museum - monitor

The video was projected on to shop window frontage, in a prime city centre location.

It was also shown for the duration of Locws2 on a small monitor at Swansea Maritime Museum, temporarily replacing Lower Swansea Valley documentary footage.

These public showcases advertised an opportunity to take a free boat trip up the River Tawe.

' by now it is dark and I turn my drift toward the bright lights of the city's commercial centre where the evening's bars and clubs are warming up for their regular Saturday night carnival. At the top of Castle Street..projected onto one of the rain-smeared shop fronts, the street's neon merges with an image of ebbing waters and soothing sounds of a harpist playing from the riverbank. The lively conversation and traffic on the street is infiltrated with voices from Swansea's past.

Castle St, Swansea

Castle St, Swansea (1.0MB)

shop front projection

Once a beautiful oak-lined valley with clear flowing waters, the onslaught of industry left the Lower Swansea Valley brutally devastated, transformed into slag-heap wasteland where not even weeds would grow; the largest area of industrial dereliction in Britain. After more than 3 decades of restoration and reclamation work, the valley has been resuscitated and is once again a place of green beauty.

Not quite believing it I book a place on one of Annie Lovejoy's boat trips to see for myself.. Emma Safe. 'Longshore Drift'
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