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international lighthouse day

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The River Tawe Video

'a lyrical and yet political journey'
(Tim Davies & David Hastie:Locws Catalogue)

The River Tawe video takes us on a journey through time - compressing a 45min boat trip through the Lower Swansea Valley. This contemplative journey through the historic industrial landscape ends with a poetic and moving performance by the Welsh concert harpist, Nia Jenkins.

Tawe outset

Tawe outset (2.1MB)

from Swansea harbour

'Journeying up river we pass the Hafod works where Swansea Museum archive footage infiltrates with voices from the past... "you know our names; Morris, Mackworth, ?Villiers, Vivian, Dillwyn, Grenfell.." the towns and cities streets named after them, their faces fade and the river flows on..under the bridge, creaking and dripping? and onwards up river through burgeoning banks replenished & vibrant with growth.'
Emma Safe. ?Longshore Drift? Locws Catalogue text

Tawe industrial

Tawe industrial (3.3MB)

'you know our names...' archive footage mix

The fizz of the oxygenators breathe new life into the river, where once nothing would live.. now there are fish breeding, flowers growing, birds fly across our path...

Tawe oxygenators

Tawe oxygenators (742KB)

regenerate the river


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River Tawe

 River Tawe (225KB)


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