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helwick painting by Michael Lees



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3 soundscapes
for Light Vessel No 91: Helwick Lightship
Maritime Museum, Swansea, Wales
7-29 Sept 2002

In this work..
?Annie Lovejoy preserves traditional skills and stories by giving them a public voice;

Conversations with Fred
(link to QT)

...capturing enchanting sea tales from Fred Evans, who for some eighteen years has maintained the Helwick Lightship. On board, his stories reverberate through the air vents; ghost stories, shanty tales of sailors jumping ship and burning in their bunks...'

Helwick conversations

Helwick conversations (5.2MB)

with Fred Evans

Fred calls himself 'a nine to five sailor' when describing his work maintaining the lightship. In his spare time he plays the piano and studies homeopathy, this project is inspired by his invaluable insight and friendship.

Letters to Denote the State of the Weather

..But the ship also holds less sinister stories, a muffled broadcast of welsh and English voices from the opposite deck recounting the helwick?s system for logging the weather ? from B for unbothered blue skies (awyr las) to Z for hazy (tes). One voice sounds clearly, ?I can?t see any more?

Helwick log

Helwick log (3.4MB)

'letters to denote the state of the weather'

A framed chart on the wall of the radio room details the method used to log the weather conditions. Translated into Welsh this is voiced by local people, enhancing the poetic nature of the weather descriptions.

voices: Steve Darling, Tim Davies, Elen Morris, Karl Morris, Heather Pearce,Nia Roberts, Linda Shickell, Steve Williams


..the weather is thickening I hide in the radio room, where I am for once comforted by communication; the voices of Swansea Amateur Radio Society exchanging weather and navigational information with people on lightships and in lighthouses world-wide.?

On International Lighthouse Day, August 18th 2002, Swansea Amateur Radio Society were invited by Annie to be on board the Helwick to communicate with Lighthouses & Lightships worldwide.

Helwick radio

Helwick radio (3.5MB)

Swansea Amateur Radio Society on board for International Lighthose day

text in italics: ?Longshore Drift? by Emma Safe.
Locws International Catalogue


for further information see PDF(s) :

The Helwick Lightship

 The Helwick Lightship (194KB)


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