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helwick painting by Michael Lees



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The Helwick Lightship: Light Vessel No 91

The Helwick, now docked beside the Maritime Museum in Swansea, was once situated on the Helwick sand bank,
10 miles off Mumbles Head in the Bristol Channel.

The vessel is an extraordinary homage to
the craftsmanship and mechanics of its time.

Helwick image sequence

Helwick image sequence (2.1MB)

stills from the Lightship

It is designed to accommodate seamen to carry out the task of communicating the perils of dangerous waters in severe weather conditions. Seven seamen lived for a month at a time, in the isolation of wild seas & deafening fog signals

?Its high note jarred my nerves and shattered my eardrums almost, while the low note seemed to loosen every tooth in my head. Conversation was cut to a minimum, being conducted in monosyllables between blasts of the siren. All this for twopence an hour extra on our wages? George Goldsmith Carter



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