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locws international

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international lighthouse day

helwick painting by Michael Lees



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site generated works in response to 2 locations
in Swansea for Locws International 2002

developed in response to the histories, environment
and present day experiences of two locations in Swansea..

the River Tawe & the Helwick Lightship

a re-echoing of sound, a reflecting of light etc.,
subjection to the action of a reverbatory furnace,
something reverberated.
Longman English Dictionary 1968

The work in response to the River Tawe and the Helwick lightship are drawn together under the title "reverberations".

The River Tawe and the inhabitants of the Lower Swansea Valley were directly affected by the pollution from the reverberatory furnaces utilised for smelting.

In terms of Helwick Lightship, it refers to the sounding of the fog horn as a warning to seafarers in extreme weather conditions. The crew were exposed to this deafening sound in tumultuous seas for long periods of time.

Locws International staged two citywide arts events that saw international and UK-based artists create new temporary site-specific artworks in prominent venues across the City of Swansea in South Wales, UK in 2000 and 2002

CATALOGUE: Locws International ISBN 0-9545291-0-3


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 2 locations in Swansea

The Helwick Lightship

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River Tawe

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interfaces of location and memory