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the idea of RETURN is based on the course of nature. The movement is cyclic, and the course completes itself.

I Ching (Wilhelm translation)


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....and how you loved the daffodils

looped video projection

On entering this beautiful vaulted space a light opaque screen
displays a field of daffodils, the image spils over to form a circle
around the window through which the planted work beyond
is visible in the garden below.

Standing next to this overlooking window one becomes
sandwiched in a space between prescence & absence,
the continually repeating insistance of the digitally preserved
imagery echoing the fragile, (literally, soon to be) absenting
flowers below. The video installation will remain long after
the daffodils have died; a presence moulded from absence,
a forever returning sublimated trace that is testiment to their
Julian Warren

The daffs move & sway in the wind sometimes gently,
sometimes franticly. A tension develops as the sound oscillates
between busy traffic, sirens.. and idyllic moments filled with birdsong.

The image is gentle & life affirming, but the noise is
disconcerting. We're waiting for the screech of an accident
which never comes.
Simon Hattenstone

When outside looking at the gallery, and when inside,
looking out through the windows of the gallery, the visitor
was introduced to ways in which the artist revealed pathways
through metaphor, to connect with the uniqueness & complexity
of life. The gallery became part of the exhibition, rather than it's
Gill Goddard - Methods of Engagement (excerpt from
MA thesis)

return is a glimpse,
the movement is cyclic,
nature completes itself



interfaces of location and memory