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the idea of RETURN is based on the course of nature. The movement is cyclic, and the course completes itself.

I Ching (Wilhelm translation)


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one of a series of 'hotwater bottles' formed by the roots
of wheat grass containing magnifying lenses

it's fifteen years later
your gran just sent a photo of you
I've never seen it before
you're looking through the gate
out to the field
to the path
to the road
that was to take you away

The 'hotwater bottles' were present on a sofa of soil,
on closer inspection they contained images & texts
Visible through moving water looking through tears
at distant memories...a consideration of things fluid...

to cry, to imagine, to hold, lose, feel, know... not know.

The sofa with its messages in hot water bottles was particularly
wonderful to me - the necessity to kneel and be close to the soil
that "grows" over the chair and to make a real effort to look
inside, beneath, below.
Shirley Brown

its voyeuristic, tactile & moving beyond words
Simon Hattenstone



interfaces of location and memory