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the idea of RETURN is based on the course of nature. The movement is cyclic, and the course completes itself.

I Ching (Wilhelm translation)


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beyond control

the communal planting of 750 daffodil bulbs in memory of Davin,
(one of his last wishes was to pick the daffodils).

A blaze of yellow welcomed both visitors and Spring to the
garden of the converted cotswold chapel that is Prema Arts
Centre. I had spent the previous day with my father visiting the
graves in a remote village in the Mendip Hills, south of Bristol.
We had passed time enjoying the small clumps of daffodils which
marked out the regular spaces of graves. At Prema, 750
daffodils, planted by the artist and her friends the previous
autumn, blossomed impressively at nose height to the children
that played amongst them. But for all that, Annie Lovejoy's work,
entitled Beyond Control, makes for an uneasy spring
idyll; there is something uncanny about the scale of the piece.

Julian Warren (a-n magazine review)

thanks to everyone that helped plant:
Mark Crowe, Mac Dunlop, Jools Green, Tony & Julie Greenstreet,
Phil Goodhall, Helen Leach, Tiriel, Jiva & Sam Lovejoy,
Liz Milner, Steve Moles, Lis & Dave Parker, Helen & Cloe Stear.



interfaces of location and memory