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The singular thought of great simplicity will motivate a response across class & style, geography, politics and emphasize a basic humanity common to us all.

George Whylie - the paper boat project


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1995 International Workshop, Shave Farm, Somerset.

scale:15m x 5m

A familiar icon of domestic video / music technology
recreated in the rural landscape by cultivating wheatgrass,
draws attentention to the reaches of mass industry whilst
inviting us to stop and contemplate the presence of nature
..the view.

Shave International Workshop 5 - 20th Aug 1995
ISBN 0 9527489 0 8

Artists: Anna Best; Sylvaine Chassay; Alexandra Dementieva;
Ajay Desai; Mary Evans; Ella Gibbs; David Lillington;
Annie Lovejoy; Koka Ramishvili; Luis Romero; Margot Schmitt;
Louise Short; Susannah Silver; Gary Spearim;
Tomoko Takahashi;
Reggy Timmermans;

Visiting artits: Anthea Nicholson; Jian Jun xi; Yinka Shonibare.



interfaces of location and memory