marking the transition: arts & healthcare
(Design, Public Art)


"Amidst all the discussions of heating pipes and suspended ceilings the art is a real breath of fresh air."

Dr Ian Garbutt 14 Jul 2004


marking the transition, public art, arts & healthcare, site-responsive, InSites, architectural glass, aquarium, poetry, text, interactive, sensor-led, lighting, design, visualisation of data, photography, wheatgrass, participatory, language




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Glazed areas:
ground floor waiting room
& first floor meeting room

The corner glazing is a prime focus, particularly after dark when the site is still busy with late night shoppers, creating an atmospheric presence for the surgery, within the immediate environment.

At ground level, the waiting room houses a feature window visible from either approach? via the Asda car park, or from Bedminster parade.

The central pane of the upper half of this window features a large format photographic image of an Alium head, referencing the important role that plants play in health & medication.

Below this, spanning the 3 lower panes of the window & visible only to the outside, is a back lit highly detailed image of roots combined with text from Gerard?s? Herbal; & subtly layered with the word ?family? written in a variety of languages (inclusive of sign language) familiar to the surgery community.

The first floor windows above depict blades of wheatgrass speckled with dew - a continuation of growth from the roots below.

high res source images: Alan Russell

Artworks Ltd

Fusion Glass design


for further information see PDF(s) :

Glazed Areas

 Glazed Areas (1.1MB)


 details of glazing for meeting room & waiting areas


interfaces of location and memory