marking the transition: arts & healthcare
(Design, Public Art)


"Amidst all the discussions of heating pipes and suspended ceilings the art is a real breath of fresh air."

Dr Ian Garbutt 14 Jul 2004


marking the transition, public art, arts & healthcare, site-responsive, InSites, architectural glass, aquarium, poetry, text, interactive, sensor-led, lighting, design, visualisation of data, photography, wheatgrass, participatory, language




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Entrance Foyer Glazing (detail from street)

High-resolution transparent images of rock surfaces form the sides of the entrance, fading to clear glass at eye level.

The rock veins are then isolated and overlaid as etched patterns onto the outer double glazed pane and highlighted in copper / gold paint. They rise over the photographic imagery to continue up into the glazing of the floor above.

The doors contain laminated crushed shot silk - the colours of which change between blue and gold, as they move across the photo / etched side panels.



interfaces of location and memory