marking the transition: arts & healthcare
(Design, Public Art)


"Amidst all the discussions of heating pipes and suspended ceilings the art is a real breath of fresh air."

Dr Ian Garbutt 14 Jul 2004


marking the transition, public art, arts & healthcare, site-responsive, InSites, architectural glass, aquarium, poetry, text, interactive, sensor-led, lighting, design, visualisation of data, photography, wheatgrass, participatory, language




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Waiting room: 3 poetry panels

A visual & poetic 'memorial' to the former surgery at Dean Lane; produced in response to patients & staff being apprehensive about leaving the old surgery because of their long association with the GP Practice & familiarity with the building.

These 200 x 1000m panels are the same dimensions as the atrium light feature panels, which hang above the reception area.

They are situated on the wall of the waiting room and convey subtly combined hand written poetry by Alyson Hallett with photographic images of the former surgery by Annie Lovejoy.

Displayed on photographic film backed with vinyl etch and slightly offset from the wall, a soft shadow appears through the surface.. .a memory, a mark of transition.

I'd carve a world for you,
press chisel to air, make mountains
and waves, a fine wooden chair.

I'd bloom a garden for you,
summon sweet-peas from soil, lace light
with birds and bees in flight.

Beloved, I'd open a sky for you,
constellate stars, a sun, a moon,
the fragrance of honeysuckle on a July afternoon


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