marking the transition: arts & healthcare
(Design, Public Art)


"Amidst all the discussions of heating pipes and suspended ceilings the art is a real breath of fresh air."

Dr Ian Garbutt 14 Jul 2004


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A series of site - specific artworks for a newly built Health Centre in Bristol, UK

artists: Annie Lovejoy & Mac Dunlop (InSites design)
clients: GP Partners of Bedminster Family Practice

In 2002, due to the surgery premises at Dean Lane being inadequate for such a large practice, the GP partners decided to buy part of a new development in Bedminster, and were keen to provide an uplifting, inspiring interior that would have benefits for both patients and staff.

The incorporation of artworks into the new surgery environment was led by practice partner Dr Gillian Rice, who raised the funding whilst maintaining a busy medical practice.

This is a unique model of Arts in Healthcare driven by the vision & commitment of the GP partners. The arts production was managed directly by the artists in close liaison with the partners; by taking on the management as a team, almost 100% of the budget (over half of which, was provided by the GP partners) was available to be spent directly on production of the commissioned art.

Seven new commissions were created for the glazed entrance foyer, atrium space, waiting area and upstairs meeting room. All of the works were designed to be cohesive in relation to each other and the architectural aspects of the building. The close liaising of the GP partner / artists team influenced the overall functional interior design: materials / colours etc resulting in a holistic, uplifting and relaxed environment

The artworks are inspired by relational qualities pertinent to the location; itsí physical aspects, functionality and most importantly
... the aspirations, and experiences of staff and patients.
(see project pdfs for more details)

In 2005 Dr Gillian Rice received a significant research award from NHS Estates to evaluate the effect of the new enhanced premises on staff / patient well-being. The results of which will be published in a peer journal in 2006

UPDATE 2009: article in the British Journal of General Practice

Enhancing a primary care environment: a case study of effects on patients and staff in a single general practice

Authors: Rice, Gillian; Ingram, Jenny; Mizan, Jacques
Source: British Journal of General Practice, Volume 58, Number 552, July 2008 , pp. e1-e8(1)
Publisher: Royal College of General Practitioners

Project Funders: GP partners, ACE South West, Arts & Business, the Irene Wellington Educational trust, the Quartet Community Foundation


for further information see PDF(s) :

BFP project overview

 BFP project overview (276KB)


 information re. the development and outcomes
of the Bedminster Family Practice project

Marking the Transition

 Marking the Transition (298KB)


 involving staff & patients


 responses (266KB)


 staff / patient responses and reviews:
Venue Magazine, Bristol
Pulse, Medical Magagazine

arts funding

 arts funding (23KB)


 article on arts funding by Dr Gillian Rice
for Pulse medical magazine March 2006

research protocol (Dr Gillian Rice)

 research protocol (Dr Gillian Rice) (44KB)


 NHS Estates has awarded Dr Rice funding to investigate the effects of an enhanced surgery environment on patients and staff


interfaces of location and memory