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'The deep map attempts to record and represent the grain and patina of place through juxtapositions and interpenetrations of the historical and the contemporary, the political and the poetic, the discursive and the sensual; the conflation of oral testimony, anthology, memoir, biography, natural history and everything you might ever want to say about a place Mike Pearson and Michael Shanks.


design, arts, geographies, mapping, site-responsive, residency, research, environmental, place, process, participatory, collaborative


Caravanserai residency project


Research in Art, Nature and Environment



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The partnership with Pete & Debs has evolved through being at Treloan in dialogue with them and engaging in collective action such as starting an allotment on site.

The garden has sustained hospitality throughout, its produce working its way onto the tables of our resident guests, or shared at fireside sessions and village events. It is within this atmoshere of generosity and trust that practitioners have been invited to work and local residents and vistors have been inspired to participate.

Ecology and sustainablitiy are at the heart of Caravanserai - reciprocity, immersion, invitation, and hospitality give the project its emergent properties. This is the art of Caravanserai reflective of its meaning as a place where caravans or companies of people meet a place of shared exchange and conviviality.



interfaces of location and memory