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'The deep map attempts to record and represent the grain and patina of place through juxtapositions and interpenetrations of the historical and the contemporary, the political and the poetic, the discursive and the sensual; the conflation of oral testimony, anthology, memoir, biography, natural history and everything you might ever want to say about a place …’ Mike Pearson and Michael Shanks.


design, arts, geographies, mapping, site-responsive, residency, research, environmental, place, process, participatory, collaborative


Caravanserai residency project


Research in Art, Nature and Environment



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‘Insites: a notebook’ is a limited edition (1500) artists’ book produced for the Royal Geographical Society & Institute of British Geographers Annual Conference 2009.

Insites is a critical reflection on geographical ways of knowing emerging from a collaboration between artist, Annie Lovejoy and geographer, Harriet Hawkins.

Developed during Harriet's residency within the Caravanserai project at Treloan in Cornwall, the notebook attempts to make visible the processes of responsive arts practice, weaving together the meshwork of relations that arise from ‘being’ in a place.

For Harriet to be ‘geographer-in-residence’ was to have the opportunity to think amidst creative occupations of place, to critique the concept of ‘residency’ in the context of terms such as dwelling, duration, mobility, community and connectivity.


The central project caravanserai and the collaborative production of insites: a notebook are the subject of a chapter On residency and collaboration in Harriet Hawkin's recent Routledge publication - For Creative Geographies:Geography, Visual Arts and the Making of Worlds.

Hawkins, H. 2013. Insites: On residency and collaboration in For Creative Geographies: Geography, Visual Arts and the Making of Worlds. Routledge pp153-180


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 Through its production of a particular place,Roseland Peninsula, Cornwall, UK, insites opens up critical space for the discussion of geographical knowledges. It aims to explore different ways of knowing place, the collaborative process and the potential value of creative cultural practice in considering geographical ways of knowing.

insites part 1

 insites part 1 (2.6MB)


 The first half of the book asks us where we are, but suggests that the map does not tell us everything about the place. It juxtaposes the conventions of the map with experiential encounters and fragmented narratives - a bricolage of knowings about a place.

insites part 2

 insites part 2 (2.3MB)


 The second half of the book concerns itself with practice. A way of thinking about responsive arts practice is through an understanding of ‘context’ as the weaving together (‘con’ with and ‘textere’ to weave) of the relational aspects of place.


interfaces of location and memory