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"Focussing on aspects of interaction & relationship rather than on art objects, calls for a radical re-arrangement in our expectations of what an artist does."

Suzanne Lacey


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processing - a night in room no 3


The window on to the roof is fantastic ..
through the binoculars you can see quite far, I put a book out there & watched the wind turn the pages

I scattered bird seed on the roof, as the birds were in full swing song, but they may be too nervous to come near as there's a cat about.

I played with the spy camera on the non existant birds, hooked into the tv, but not for long - am overwhelmingly hesitant to use any gadgets here.

thing is, the birds may not come, but thats ok

I like the binoculars & seed - there's an expectancy

ideally someone could be in here, living in for the arts weekend offering some form of service like reading tea leaves

the stepping down into a cosy one to one space.

as it turns out, Jackie the landlady, has just sought the services of a psychic, Maudie, the consultation was conducted by phone & J. would love to meet her..

that's it,
found a thread..

hope shes up for it

wrote a 'letter to Maudie' (see pdf)


for further information see PDF(s) :

letter to Maudie

 letter to Maudie (226KB)


 describing the process ..a night in Room 3,
and consequent invitation to Maudie


interfaces of location and memory