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"Focussing on aspects of interaction & relationship rather than on art objects, calls for a radical re-arrangement in our expectations of what an artist does."

Suzanne Lacey


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Room no.3

This is my room (No.3)

the pic was taken by Deborah Weinreb, one of the artists participating in Hotel, she's been working with a secret collaborator sending photos & receiving narrative responses, here's the story she got for Room 3:

The pink candlewick bedspreads dominate a scene of perfect conventialism. Two little doggies in the painting observe any breach of proper behaviour. But after lights-out who knows what happens.... This timeless room - if it could speak it would speak a novel. The occupants eat a full English breakfast, walk hand in hand under an English sky. And upon the next morning wake to birdsong - only one bed has been slept in.

The previous Hotel owners used to call it 'the Dolls House', Jackie the Landlady, says she'd like to chintz it up, put a double bed in ..the love nest. Its really cosy, you step down into it, a little sanctuary.

My initial feeling was that the room was perfect just as it is, but keen to see what may occur I booked in for a night...



interfaces of location and memory