a case for dreaming
(Installations, residencies)


'The tower has no curtains
There are no grants to be applied for- Don't go to The Tower if you want to escape'

Bill Drummond in the name of Penkiln Burn


a case for dreaming, installation, site-responsive, artists residency, turnleys tower, antrim glens, walking, cushendall, artist-led, music, audio, embroidery, tactile, participatory


stay there - residency

tower history

Charlie McDonnell

Johnny Joes



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log book

a heavy leatherbound book with thick handmade paper pages awaits every artists' input... a source of information, journeys and explorations.


it's 4.38am & in 5 hours it will be time to leave. it's been an eventful couple of weeks..

it all started with wanting to open the door of the Tower at 9pm (curfew) every night and invite the people of Cushendall to come in & 'loiter' but we couldn't get the key to work.

Today the ladies from 'Vincents' who gave me the Irish Linen, came over to see the 'case for dreaming' and look around the Tower. They wanted to see the dungeon, we stood against the door & just as I was telling them about the curfew idea & key problem, the door... opened.

before going out earlier this evening, we relocked the door & tried it again several times, it wouldn't re-open.

By the time we'd done our farewell visits to Johnny Joes & Oliver at Central Bar - our 'door' story, in true spirit of the Glens, was happily ensconsed among the many tales of Turnly's Tower in Cushendall.


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 a case for dreaming


interfaces of location and memory