SAILING FOR GOLD - a Portland shanty
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A culture of encounter is a culture of poetry and song, poetry and song salvaged from their commodification as products of the entertainment and literary industries, and restored to the rightful place as participative arts of everyday life […] To talk with the world in this way, to translate the mundane into the dream language of the poetic order, is truly to sing the world up, and to attune ourselves to the inexhaustible layers of its own unconscious-but simultaneously-all-conscious song. The point is not to explain the world but to sing it (Freya Matthews, 2003)


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Sailing for Gold 'a capella' recording

SAILING FOR GOLD- a cappella version

A Portland shanty

Song production:

Lyrics: A & B (Annie Lovejoy and Belle Benfield)
Composition: Rachal Castell and Rebecca Jackson
Arrangement: Nikki Fryer, Julie Matthews, Jonathan Diaper & Nigel Lawrence
Music notation: Nikki Fryer, Nigel Lawrence, Su Lewis & Isabel Carrahar
Singers: slingers - Julie Matthews & Alison Winsborough (verse & chorus), Nikki Fryer, Barbara McIntosh, Sheila Ryan, Belle Benfield (chorus)



interfaces of location and memory