River Tawe - Eisteddfod
(Exhibitions, Installations)


'a lyrical and yet political journey'

Tim Davies & David Hastie:Locws International


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Locws International



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Not even weeds would grow here

Plants, trees & wildlife now thrive where before nothing would grow. We travel onwards as far as the boat can go, the water becomes shallow and crowded with new waste, a contemporary dumping ground of cars & supermarket trolleys... where concert harpist Nia Jenkins, plays Hasselmans? ?La source? ? a tribute to the river.

Doedd dim chwyn yn tyfu yma hyd yn oed

Doedd dim chwyn yn tyfu yma hyd yn oed (4.3MB)

not even weeds would grow here

Doedd dim chwyn yn tyfu yma hyd yn oed
Not even weeds would grow here

Roedd y slag yn ddiffaith
The slag was barren

Roedd y gwenwyn wedi ymdreiddio?n ddwfn fel y casineb a deimlai?r bobol tuag at yr ysbeilwyr
The poison had gone deep like the resentment people felt against the despoilers

Gydiodd y planhigion cyntaf ddim
The first plantings didn?t take

Bridwyd rhywogaethau gwydn, penderfynol
Tough resistant strains were bred

Gwydn a phenderfynol fel y bobol
Tough and resistant like people

Cafwyd glaswelltydd a fyddai?n tyfu ar y tipiau
Grasses were found that would grow on the tips

Mae meillion a rhygwellt nawr. lle roedd dim ond pengaled a chreulys, taglys a hesg
There is Clover and Ryegrass now. Where there was only Knapweed and Groundsel, Bindweed and Sedge

Mae yna eithin a helyg, ac mae yna goed hefyd;
There is Gorse and Willow, and there are trees too;

Spriws a ffynidwydd arian, llarwydd, bedw a phinwydd gamfrig
Spruce and Silver-fir, Larch, Birch and Lodgepole Pine

Mae cloddiau o ddraenen wen, criafol a barf yr hen _r
There are Hawthorn hedges, Mountain Ash and Traveller?s Joy



interfaces of location and memory