New Media - cover design for Routledge publication
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new media, design, publication, photography, digital image, circuitry, responsive technologies, visualisation of data,


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New Media: A Critical Introduction
Martin Lister, Jon Dovey, Seth Giddings, Iain Grant, Kieran Kelly
Publisher: Routledge ISBN: 0-415-22378-4

I was invited to design the cover image for this first edition by Martin Lister who was interested in the work I was developing with wearable technologies (your heart on my sleeve)and embroidered computer parts such as pillow. An exploration of emergent and redundant technologies; components, hardware and working data intricately embroidered ..a tapestry of systems.

New Media: A Critical Introduction is a Routledge bestseller
'A comprehensive and significant account of the origins and consequences of 'new media'. This book will prove invaluable to all theorists and practitioners and provides thought provoking insights into the relationships between media technologies, their makers and users.' - Mark Banks, Manchester Metropolitan University

A second edition will be published in 2008



interfaces of location and memory