New Media (2nd edition) cover design-Routledge publication
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..the pathways along which improvisatory practice unfolds are not connections between one thing and another but lines along which they continually come into being. Thus the entanglement of things has to be understood literally and precisely, not as a network of connections but as a meshwork of interwoven lines of growth and movement. Tim Ingold


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New Media: A Critical Introduction
Martin Lister, Jon Dovey, Seth Giddings, Iain Grant, Kieran Kelly
Publisher: Routledge ISBN:978-0-415-43161-3

The concept for the new cover is a reflection on the continuous emergence of so called 'new media' and its' materialities.

Rock formations are inscribed with integrated circuitry an oblique reference to the Rosetta Stone & Apple dynamic translator Rosetta and a reminder of the materiality of computer chips (silicon, sand, glass, quartz) formed through processes of flux and movement (such as tides).



interfaces of location and memory