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in Zimbabwe, says Tapi - we call this opening the sky


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Death and Dying - the exhibition



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A bookwork produced for the exhibition: Death and Dying. MAG3, Vienna

Invited by curator David Lillington to make work for Death & Dying I produced the limited edition (25) artwork / book Dead Real

28.05.03: a coroner calls to tell me Alan Boreham has died. It takes a few seconds to realise he means my old friend Cat.

‘Would you be prepared to take responsibility for his estate and funeral arrangements? He has no family and you are the first person in his address book.’

‘OK’ I say.

A group of strangers (artists and activists), brought together by the death of a mutual friend, take the business of funeral arrangements into their own hands. Deadline: 07.06.03 (ten days)


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Dead Real

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Death and Dying

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interfaces of location and memory