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"the project is bringing together local anecdotes and craft processes, and instigating environmental practices and discourses in an interlacing of politics, history and poetics.” Dr Harriet Hawkins (geographer-in-residence, June 2009)


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Treloan - caravan and campsite


Research in Art, Nature and Environment

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the residency space

.. the project caravan is an ex Romany coachbuilt trailer situated in a quiet area of the site offering a focused and reflective working environment away from normative work practices and communication channels.

As Portscatho based writer in residence Cat Holman reiterates..

“The space in the van is fantastic for a residency – good areas to work in, no complications or diversions like internet or phones, a chance to immerse myself in my surroundings and writing”.

Mobile phones rarely work, it’s a regular occurrence to see people wandering across the field in search of a signal.

Its great to be ‘cut off ‘ said writer in residence Alyson Hallett. The joy of Caravanserai she said is that it invites anyone and everyone to creatively connect with the ongoing, ever-changing nature of landscape..

in search of a signal?

this caravanner has the answer..find a fishing rod!



interfaces of location and memory