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"the project is bringing together local anecdotes and craft processes, and instigating environmental practices and discourses in an interlacing of politics, history and poetics.” Dr Harriet Hawkins (geographer-in-residence, June 2009)


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Treloan - caravan and campsite


Research in Art, Nature and Environment

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2009 - 2016

caravan- a company of people / caravanserai - a place where caravans meet.

Caravanserai is a residency project initiated by Annie Lovejoy & Mac Dunlop at Treloan , a caravan and camping site situated on the Roseland peninsula in Cornwall. Working with the owners Pete & Debs Walker, we’re cultivating a plot in Middle Close (the project field ) and establishing a residency space (the project van ) to facilitate activities that engage with, and celebrate the local..

Caravanserai is a 'do-tank'


for further information see PDF(s) :

Caravanserai project info

 Caravanserai project info (170KB)


 Caravanserai project details 2009

West Briton article

 West Briton article (503KB)


 The Caravanserai project was featured in a full colour double page spread of the West Briton with an accompanying article written by Philippa Spackman. There is an online condensed version here

Poetry Kernow

 Poetry Kernow (530KB)


 article in Cornish World Magazine. Oct/Nov 2009. Issue 66 p. 52/53

FEAST evaluation report

 FEAST evaluation report (954KB)


 FEAST funded our activities programme (July - October 2009)


interfaces of location and memory