Barton Hill Primary School and Childrens Centre - public art programme
(Design, Public Art, Publications)


The positive impact of the process for Barton Hill is of national relevance, and not just for schools, but for wider public contexts.
Johnathan Hines & Tom Mason, Architype


public art, education, architecture, ecology, new build, participatory, design, interactive, site-responsive, InSites, interactive, sensor-led, lighting, photography, responsive technologies, InSites, visualisation of data


Architects - Architype

Clients- Community at Heart

Advisors - RiO

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Thanks to..

School staff and children, especially the Children's Art Group Alex, Caleb, Chloe, Harlie, Latifa, Lukman, Megan, Mickael, Salma A, Salma O, Salman and Syed - for their inspiration , enthusiasm and creativity in producing drawings, photos, audio / video recordings and the work they did to present their experience to the rest of the school.the

The project team:
Barton Hill Primary School and Children's Centre - Simon Robinson
Community at Heart - Pete Davies and Sarah Winch
RiO formerly Creative Partnerships - Kim Tilbrook
Bristol City council- William Wrightson
Architype - Janet Scott, Tom Mason and Jonathan Hines
Roz Hall - evaluation
Scott Farlowe - consultancy

Collaborators / advisors:
Hannah Cox and gHOSTbOY (invited local artists)
Mark Newbold (arts technology consultant and collaborator)
Colin Williamson (Smiles Plastics Ltd)
Dave Nowell (Artworks Solutions Ltd)
City Engineering Ltd



interfaces of location and memory