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Annie is based in Falmouth, UK & has been practicing for over 20 years. She has worked in a variety of national & international locations and been a recipient of various awards. Her work is informed by relationships and processes specific to particular contexts.

Projects are developed through a distillation of qualities integral to a place or situation, and the sharing of insights & skills with people from various walks of life. Outcomes are developed as appropriate to circumstance and range across a wide spectrum of media & art / non-art forms.

"Lovejoy is a prolific artist whose work always resonates with depth and integrity. She is, quite simply, an artist who believes in her work and believes in utilising a wide range of locations and contexts in the executing of her practice"

Eddie Chambers

"This is art as a social process.  It is there in the way that she asks questions about her audiences, about locations and places, about the uses of technology, and about modes of production. Who is the work for?  What are the meanings of places?  What does it mean to place work here?  What do visual technologies help us see/not see ?  How do they mediate our experiences ?  What is the meaning of an artist’s mode of production?"

Martin Lister: catalogue text 'afterimages'





interfaces of location and memory